10 Tricks to make People Think You’re Artsy

The word “Artsy” is a candidate for being the most used phrase back in 2016. As a matter of fact, one social media platform that has a big impact to “Artsy” takeover is Instagram. Simply refer to the hundreds of thousands of accounts on sought-after pages of girls and models. They seem to travel nonstop and take remarkable صور (photo) of their travel destinations and delectable foods they eat.

Some think that you have to be artistic to reach this level wherein reality, you don’t.

Be Artsy Even if You are Not

Believe it or not, you can trick people to thinking that you are like one even though you are not. Here are few ways to attain this level of greatness.

Tip number 1. Get VSCO Cam on your smartphone.

Tip number 2. Purchase a Polaroid camera.

Tip number 3. Take a photo of your foods held up in air.

Tip number 4. Just avoid your face whenever possible. If you will observe closely, artsy or artistic people do not have their faces taken.

Tip number 5. If you have to be in the picture, see to it that you’re looking elsewhere but the cam. Always keep in mind that these artsy people are never looking directly at the cam. Few recommended gazing spots are the sky, ground and people judging you.

Tip number 6. Laugh a little bit. However, when doing so, try not to be too aggressive. Real laugh have flaws. You certainly don’t want your audience see it. Just pose still and smile with your mouth a little open.

Tip number 7. At least every once in a while, buy and wear trendy clothing.

Tip number 8. Take photos of things with a white background. Believe it or not, artsy people always have a white background with them readily available when their mood or the setting feels right.

Tip number 9. Take photos of your belongings that are posed in aesthetically pleasing position.

Tip number 10. Start to appreciate kale, coffee and tea. According to research, you aren’t artsy unless you’re eating acai bowls on regular and drinking lots of tea.

The Verdict

It all takes practice to master these tips. But once you did, your IG profile and other social media accounts will look astonishing. Be prepared to have influx of followers.