Americans for the Arts Stand Against Restricting Immigration Policies

Since Trump’s oath taking as president of the United Sates, he has undertaken numerous actions involving immigration. All of the actions that he took have been drawn up to restrict or limit immigration and annul protections for particular categories of immigrants where a several work in the industries of creative arts and culture. Although court review has blocked a few of their immediate enforcement, this attempt has had abrupt and distressing impacts on the lives of those who are directly involved including corporate dealing with immigration like the Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer as well as the capabilities to live a full, unrestricted and free creative life of U.S citizens.

Often times, the United States is labeled as a “nation of immigrants” where over 40 million immigrants reside in the United States.  In actuality, more immigrants reside in the United States compared to any other counties, giving rise to an abundance of diversity of ethnicities and cultures. Hence, immigrants have performed a fundamental role in its history as well as the understanding of it itself.

Arts and Immigrant Artists

The arts patronize discourse and reciprocated understanding, and form positive connections between the United States and world since they help communicate our own ideals, values, traditions, and principles as well as to better comprehend and appreciate those of others. Creatively sharing and communicating these and other facets of culture and identity are precisely the domains of the arts.

On The Planned Ban On Immigration

Americans for the Arts are against the policies that limit and restrict the free exchange of art, artists, as well as concepts founded on age, race, nationality, faith, or capability and disapproves to the discriminatory and prejudiced temperament of these actions. The travel ban restrictions will suffocate transnational dialogue and information flow, break up families, and inhibit citizens from the conveying of viewpoints, expression, and discourse that are presently very pivotal. To that effect, Americans for the Arts has united with an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, and push for reconsideration and the rescind of the signed executive order.

On The DACA Program – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) 

Americans for the Arts appeal to actions from the congress to make certain the protection of these young individuals of which includes over 200,000 individuals who work or intend to work in the creative trades.  They believe that the cancellation of protected status from enrollees of DACA, who in good faith and intent joined the program and are productive and contributing community members, is harsh and must be repealed.