An Artist, Architect, Film Maker: Loris Greaud


Little did people know how passionate artists are when it comes to making their out of the world arts. They don’t make something that made to be displayed at the corners of their room. They make something that made it the books, made it to museums, made to see the world.

Being an artist is a gift, and they are a gift to society too. Loris Greaud, an artist, an architect, and a filmmaker. Artists who conceptualized an out of the world arts to drive and spark people’s interest, imagination and ideas.

Reliving the Art

At the age of 35, a French artist who’s called himself an “aesthetic adventurer” is a wunderkind that drives success through his imagination, wit, and palms. Loris Greaud lives to tell people that art is as spectacular and interesting as free diving, and driving a fast car, sitting on a 7-hour flight on the plane, or riding a roller coaster.

Gréaud found fun and interest in art that people can also find too if they just look closely to it. Considering the tragedy at his exhibition in Dallas urge him to dedicate more on art to tell people that those are just exhibitions, that the art in him was never really destroyed by vandals who attacked the exhibit. That Greaud is living and reliving the art in him.

The Unplayed Notes Museum is just one of the many reason why Loris Greaud stood up to fight for Art. And that his wrecked arts will never be a hindrance to keep doing more and telling more.

Greaud Continues

His dedication and passion for art never stop even after that Dallas incident. It even drives him more to create art that lets people get involved. Art that captures more interest in people and let them be part of it.

And even though his works of art may be wrecked and smashed for how many exhibitions he made, he’ll just take the opportunity to make more and tell more. The art is himself, not the displays.

The works are just a representation of the work, they didn’t really matter. After all, it didn’t really represent the soul work, the ultimate work which is Loris Greaud himself. It was just a presented as a prop of “Loris Greaud works”

And he continues, he continues to collaborate and work with people. He continues to think of new ideas talk with architect and make those ideas come to life. He continues to work for art, he continues to live for art, and he continues to dream with art.

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