Anabolic Steroids and Its Link to Hitler’s Nazi Regime

Anabolic Steroids or simply, steroids are chemically processed variants of the hormone testosterone naturally occuring in human male testes.

Origin of the Anabolic Steroid Traced as a Creation of the Nazi Regime

No one really knows what led to the discovery of steroids, but history has it that it originated in Germany at the time of Hitler’s Nazi regime. According to murky accounts, the synthetic production of male testosterone as a form of drug was for the effective treatment of depression.

Actually, the scientists responsible for formulating the testosterone derivative, Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt of Germany and Leopold Ruzickawho of Hungary, received the 1939 Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry for this particular discovery. However, both Germany and Hungary had asked the two scientists not to accept the award.

That part made us wonder, why a regime so obsessed with eradicating weak members of its society, would formulate and mass produce a drug meant for treating depressed people. If so, why did the scientists received orders from their respective country, not to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

Possible Links Connecting Anabolic Steroids to Nazi Super Soldiers

As we followed the paper trail that would lead us to the reason why Hitler’s team of scientists developed steroids, we came across information that linked the drug to the creation of super soldiers that carried out Hitler’s quest for world domination.

Nazi scientific experiments and eradication actions were tightly guarded secrets. That is why, it is understandable why there are no documents available to substantiate the association of anabolic steroids to Hitler’s super soldiers.

A reputable American journal called “Science” first presented the undocumented information as a hypothesis. Soon enough, many others joined in analyzing the circumstantial evidences, which gave them reason to believe that anabolic steroids were indeed administered/injected to every active German soldier. The anabolic steroids gave the marching soldiers, extraordinary strength and stamina as they advanced toward a Russian invasion.

Post World War II Occurrence of Anabolic Steroids

Use of anabolic steroids continued even after World War II, particularly by Russian and German Olympic athletes, and later by the US. Up to 1968, its use for Olympic preparations spread to other countries, until it drew attention for abuse or and/or misuse.

In 1975 the International Olympic Committee banned the use of steroids, mainly because it gave users unfair advantage over non-users. Later on, as the side effects of steroids use became evident, the US Congress passed the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act that requires a physician’s prescription as means of limiting steroid use for medicinal purposes only.

1990 saw to the implementation of the “Anabolic Steroid Control Act,” declaring anabolic steroids as a controlled substance to which

unauthorized distribution, possession and use of Anabolic Steroids without a prescription, is a Federal Offense in the United States punishable by up to one year in prison and/or up to $1,000 fine. Anabolic steroids become a Schedule III Controlled Substance.