Art Expression Through Video Games

Created by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is another popular video game in the gaming market. The online tactical shooter game was released globally for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on the 1st of December 2015. The intense battlefield game is also set to be released to next-generation consoles such as Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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Video Games – A Medium Of Art Expression

As the world is now connected to the Internet and where advancements in technology doesn’t seem to cease, video games are now prevalent and becoming a medium of art expression in the modern society today wherein the field has draw in a lot of brilliant artists. Developing and creating video games is a blend of various traditional forms of art, from sculpting, painting, music, writing, storytelling, animation, and cinematography. And so, it offers artists an exceptional medium of art expression and an incomparable way to communicate with as well engage audiences.

It is truly remarkable how quick the evolution of video games is in only a short span of time as compared to other mediums of entertainment like movies. From the simple pixelated graphics to a much complex 3D models, designs, and environments. Although programmers as well as designers do their share in creating virtual worlds, the artist bring this to life via animation, concept art, and more.

If you are considering getting to give video game creation and development a go, to aid in creating characters, the game environment, and other elements to bring video games to life, you need to have a passion for video games, drawing, graphic skills, photo editing skills as well as other skills and knowledge pertinent to game creation.