Cigar Reviews – The Art Of Making Hand-Rolled Cigars

Many cigar reviews would give you a clear picture of which cigars are the best, how to cut and smoke them correctly, when to smoke them, as well as which food and drink would perfectly complement your favorite cigar. Although there are quite a lot about them in the Internet, one thing is for sure, these cigar reviews are made to bring your cigar smoking experience to a whole new level.

In cigar reviews, many have their own take on hand-rolled cigars and machine-made cigars. For starters and connoisseurs, hand-rolled cigars are the most favored choice. Hand-rolled cigars are made out of 100% tobacco – the filler, binder as well as the outer wrapper of a hand-rolled cigar are all made from pure tobacco. On the other hand, machine-made cigars aren’t 100% tobacco as they may have preservatives as well as chemicals of various forms.

Generally, hand-rolled pure tobacco cigars taste better compared to machine-made cigars. In terms of price, machine-made cigars are cheaper than hand-rolled cigars as they are, you got it, hand-made which takes more time and care to produce.

The Art of Hand-Rolled Cigars

Rolling cigars by hand is, in a certain way, an art. Although there are various ways to roll a cigar, it takes a lot of practice to perfect the art. If you would want to try to practice the art of rolling cigars, check out some of the basic steps below:

  1. Research on the different rolling methods and try them out. This will give you are more informed decision on which method would work for you.
  2. Gather and prepare all the materials you need. You may opt to pick your preferred tobacco blend. You also have to ready a tobacco leaf to put the tobacco in. They are usually dry so you will have to moisten it a bit for it to be more pliant. Simply place it in a plastic bag with a small amount of clean water and leave it for about an hour. Make sure you have an adequate amount for the filler leaf as well as for the outer binding leaf.
  3. Place the tobacco shreds onto the filler leaf and begin to roll your stick. As soon as this is done, place into the molder for it to take the form and size.
  4. Take out from the mold the rolled cigar and place it on the binder (binding leaf.) You have to put a bit of glue or some sort of binding (egg whites, pectin, or guar gum) on the outer tobacco leaf. Roll the binder around the molded cigar in an outward motion. You have to make sure it is rolled tight enough. Be careful not to tear the leaf. Cut away any extra binder leaf or you could simply curl it making a pig tails cigar.