Creation of Vaping Rings – the Art of Vaping

Since the birth of smoking, people have been creating smoke rings through blowing of O-shape using the smoke. This was generally resulted from pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Subsequently, when most of the smokers switched to using electronic cigarette, this kind of smoking trick is taken in a new level through vaping as one of the elements of art.

Well, being new to this kind of trick, no, worries my dear, all you need is a lot more practice. So, if you’re ready to do the trick, just prepare your e-cig and your fave e-juice like the reds ejuice and check some trick tips below. Here are some cool vape tricks that vaping starters can try to perform and experience the vaping tricks.

Trick #1: The smoke rings and O’s

The old school “smoke rings” are the foundation trick of those smoker and vapers. Smoke rings formation is the most famous smoking or vape tricks. However, more time, effort, and practice are hardly needed for it to perfectly executed.

Steps in doing the smoke rings and O’s

  1. Pull on the vape and inhale it to the throat.
  2. Keep the tongue at the bottom portion of the mouth, forwarding through the back of the throat.
  3. Using your lips, form the round “O” shape.
  4. Push a little vapor out from your throat via short pulsing motion same as having a subtle cough.
  5. Tuck your lips when you are aiming for fat donut shape.

The size of the O that you’ll have to create using your lips is in direct relation with the vapor ring.

Trick #2: Double/ triple vape rings

This trick literally means the creation of two up to three or more O-shaped rings consequently. It may seem such a delicate technique but it is really a simple one if you are already a master of the simple O-shaped rings.

Steps in doing the double / triple vape rings

  1. Place one finger over the mouth.
  2. Slightly press and pull down on the top of the lip to create a split opening divided into two sections.
  3. For triple O’s, just open the mouth wider to get the best results.