Creative art material: Ideas for better results

When you’re a creative person, there is hardly a better feeling than trying new artifacts. Are you happy when you buy acrylic paint or a set of crayons? Such products are innovative and are sure to help you with your art and design. You may check YouTube downloader to see such products.

Watercolor chalks

Watercolor chalks are a color pigment that is condensed into a drawing pen and gives you the best of both worlds. To use them, draw on your paper as if you were using a colored pencil or chalk pastel. Then use a brush to add water to activate the color and blend the color. Alternatively, you can use the pen without water, which will look like a normal colored pencil.

Pebeo pens

Pebeo colors are unlike any other pigment you’ve used before. The discovery kit includes a variety of colors. When poured and combined with two or more colors, honeycomb or marbling effects are created. This makes them ideal for decorative or abstract painting.

Punch pliers

Whether you are a scrapbook lover or enjoy creating collage art, hand punches quickly produce uniform paper shapes. These tools range from simple to complex shapes and are used like a traditional hole punch.

Uni-posca marker

Like watercolor chalk, the Uni-posca markers allow you to achieve painterly effects without any problems. The opaque markers can work on a variety of surfaces and won’t suck through the page when you’re drawing on paper.

Reduction scale

Have you ever drawn and had to enlarge or reduce your work? It’s harder than it seems. With a reduction scale, you can measure your original drawing and then transfer it to your new drawing in the correct ratio.

Special spatula

These unconventionally shaped spatulas are a good choice if you like to paint with a carve clay or spatula with a palette knife. This set of nine exceptional effects palette knives have different shapes that allow you to manipulate your medium to create patterns and exciting textures.

Wedo Comfort cutter

Traditional cutters are often bulky in the hand and are perhaps suitable for opening a box, but not for extensive hobby handicrafts. The Wedo Cutter fits perfectly in the hand and cuts extremely precisely with its pointed blade.

Such a cutter is an art material for all those who do a lot of handcrafting that one should not do without.