Digitization of Marvel Comics

The core business of Marvel Comics is storytelling. People find entertainment in reading stories in comic strips and at times educate themselves too. You can tell a story in a variety of ways, including novels, movies, TV, video games, and cartoons. Consumers want to enjoy all kinds of content conveniently at a low cost and value a great experience.

Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way people access and interact with this content. Traditional entertainment content providers (e.g. bookstore, music industry, TV/movie industry) initially faced the difficulties of the Internet, but the cartoon industry is very adaptable. Marvel Comics, America’s largest comic book publisher, has transformed the universe into a digital universe using new technologies.

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History of Comic Books

Digitize comics and expand your audience

Marvel adopts this technology faster than its biggest competitor, DC Comics. Marvel launched Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in 2007, allowing you to view 2500 issues with a subscription. Initially, Marvel and DC Comics were reluctant to publish their comics online. A common practice is to postpone digital publishing for six months after the paper version.

In 2009, online digital retail chain ComiXology made the distribution of comics by small studios and independent artists easier than ever. Marvel is accelerating digitalization to increase its competitiveness. Marvel’s iOS application was originally developed by ComiXology. ComiXology was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and currently houses over 75,000 books from more than 125 publishers and thousands of independent developers. These changes encourage faster adoption of digital publications. Now Marvel is publishing new comics digitally at the same time as the paper version.

Digital Comic Book Apps

Providing your customers access to comics in digital format on increasingly dominant mobile platforms like iOS and Android can expand your audience’s reach. What accompanies this is providing customers with a higher value proposition [4]. For example, more convenient transportation, easier access to previous versions, lower prices through subscription or bundling, and advances in digital display technology can make your reading experience better. (More vivid) (e.g. Apple’s iPad Pro display). iOS users are more likely to pay more for content on the platform.

The comics are still confined to the niche, but the stories and characters created by Marvel through collaborations with other digital media (especially films) are attracting more viewers. Superhero roles and stories continue to specialize in new franchises, just like the movie franchises. For example, in the latest example from the movie “Dr. Strange”, beet tomatoes hit 90%. The movie will be released with a new mobile game.