Dog Art Works : Depictions of Correlation of Dogs to Man Then and Now

In most ancient art works, the correlation of dogs to man depicted bonds between master and domesticated animals that served their purpose well. Primeval Greek, Egyptian and Roman relief on pots, vases and urns portray the faithfulness and loyalty of dogs to their masters, as pets, guardians and hunters.

When compared to dog art works that came around since the 20th century, they show that the relationship between man and dog has transcended as a bond between man and best friend. Modern artists have given new meaning to dog art by depicting canines as well-loved and protected companions rather than servile protectors or guardians.

Examples of Influential Artists Who Changed the Concept of Dog Art

David Hockney

David Hockney is one of many famous British artists who emerged during the pop art movement. Yet there was a phase in Hockney’s life as a multi-skilled artist, when his fascination for his dogs inspired him to express his adoration for them.

In 1993, he started a series of paintings, which featured his dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie in different adorable and endearing postures and settings. The collection was called “Dog Days” and had received much acclaim for being genuine depictions of how he pampered his dogs with love (and food).

Some art critics though commented that Hockney’s “Dog Day” art works were a bit outmoded. To which the artist merely commented that he makes no apologies for choosing his dogs as his only subject matter:

“These two dear little creatures (Stanley and Boodgie) are my friends… loving, intelligent, comical but often bored while they watch me work.” “I came to notice their sadness and delights, the warm shapes they make together and that somehow, they seem to know that a picture is being made.”

Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud was also a well-known British artist, but of German-descent, whose depictions of his love for his dogs endeared him to many animal lovers. In his dog paintings, there is always a human present to effectively portray how dogs are valued for their warm and comforting companionship.

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