Expressing the Art of Aphrodisiac through Body Language

Do you know that there is another way to induce your partner’s sexual desire? Usually, lovers use different kinds of aphrodisiacs, from plant parts to animal organs or from love potion to magic pills. Aside from the vast collection of one’s “my aphrodisiacs” list, using an art in showing your pleasure is also an effective aphrodisiac. Additionally, art comes with some healing wonders.

One form of art is the body language. Through human’s body language, the art of aphrodisiac can be executed. Body language comes in many form depending on the person’s mood. However, when it comes in expressing and making love, flirting is the best body language.

The Body Language of Flirting

One sure way to get your partner caught in the fire is to flirt. But, most of the time people ignore the power of flirting. However, most lovers get into it since it entice a relaxing yet invigorating ambience.

Flirting comes before passion and it gently add spice to partners that grab its forbidden fruits. More so, flirting is a mixture of delightful innocence and deception.

Flirting makes a connection to your person of interest in a perfectly clear way. Moreover, this body language creates lover to be friendlier, warmer, playful, adventurous, sexy, more desirable and more lovable. In addition, it is a must for every lovers especially if they are targeting to have a hotter sexual life.

Some people may execute flirting naturally, but others may have to think twice or thrice about the things that they need to do. Meanwhile, some are not aware that they are already flirting.

Basically, men and women have different ways to flirt. Women seems to be more aware of the body languages that signify flirting. It could be in a way of her partner’s movement, dancing, looking at her, or the way he handles himself in front of her.

Below are some playful strategies and passion tactics that can entice number of potential sexual connections:

Walk with confidence and a little bit of sexuality

Carry yourself with confidence however, walk with some sort of sensuality. It is nice for the ladies to square the shoulder and let the hips move with some exaggeration. Meanwhile, guys should add some spring to every step. Stand tall with confidence and incorporate some smooth swing of the arms. Don’t forget the eye contact as it indicates that you are on the go.

Incorporate your love desire

It is important to have a connection with your partner. Mostly, both must be good listeners.

Touch yourself

This body language is an indication of those body areas where you want to be touched. It could either be on the neck, shoulder, or the back of the knee.

Other body gestures that indicate flirting:

1. Utilization of the classic moves like lips licking, winking, and half-curled smile.
2. Expose yourself by showing some skin.
3. Mirror your partner’s movement as a sign of compliment.
4. Make some whisper.
5. Smile intimately.