Germany’s Cultural Sector Gets $54B Aid

Germany’s federal government demonstrates appreciation for members of the country’s cultural sector by providing $54 billion worth in aid.

As part of the three-part stimulus package approved by German legislators in funding efforts to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, €50 billion (US $54 billion) has been set up as aid for members of Germany’s creative and cultural sector. Potential recipients include self-employed artists and art-related small businesses, organizations, media enterprises including newspaper publishers.

Germany’s Cultural Minister Monika Grütters expressed the government’s sentiments by saying

“We know the hardships, we know the desperation.” “A high proportion of the cultural sector is characterized by self-employed people who, in particular, now have to deal with problems concerning their livelihoods.”

She promised that help will soon be coming with as little bureaucracy as possible, because the German federal government is very aware of the creative industry’s importance.

Overview of Germany’s Covid-19 Relief Package for the Cultural Sector

The aid will be distributed in the form of loans extended to art businesses to help meet overhead costs like artist studios, venue rentals and other necessities. Owners of art-related small businesses can also seek financial relief during the crisis, by requesting for deferment of loan payments as they fall due.

Stimulus money for the self-employed or freelance artists will come by way of social security funds. Additionally, financial aid includes unemployment insurance of up to a period of six (6) months to help meet costs of living. That way, every member of the German public can stay within the confines and protection of their home.

In addition to the stimulus money, Germany’s Covid-19 Relief legislation also made sure that in cases where self-employed tenant-artists are unable to pay rent during the Covid-19 crisis, there is a law that protects them from eviction.

Individual artists may put forward a request to the tax bureau for a reduction of tax payments; or if applicable, request for the advance payment of their tax refund. German Cultural Minister Monika Grütters said

”Now more than ever, artists are not only indispensable, they are also vital”