Gift Ideas for The Artist – Gifts For The Painter

Gift giving is not only true on Christmas or Birthdays. There are certain days and events when the recipient deserves to be appreciated through gifts. If you are losing your mind thinking of the right gift to give for the painter, here are gift ideas that you can consider. Check out gifts by recipients for more awesome gift ideas.

Colors are used up and the order in the painting area could also be better. Two things that can help you with some gift ideas. If you do not paint yourself and are not very familiar with the subject, in the next section you will find our suggestions after many years of experience in painting.

Gift Ideas for Artists

An easel

If you want to paint over a long period of time, you need an easel, otherwise, there is neck and back pain. The easel is used to set up the painting ground at a comfortable height and at an ergonomic angle to the painter.

In addition, most easels have storage space in order to store work material close to the canvas.

So: If you want the recipient to have something from their hobby for as long as possible, you should consider buying an artist’s easel.

The Artina Academy Easel is praised by buyers for its high quality. Meister’s easel also has above-average customer satisfaction.

There are alternatives for the smaller budget. The Design Delights copy is offered for a low price.

Paint case for storage

Difficult to imagine, but artists also have to take a break. One difficulty is keeping the painting area and brushes clean and tidy.

A painting case is just the right thing for storing all kinds of brushes in different sizes.

A pure storage box is ideal for artists who already have a selection of colors and brushes.

A box as a complete set is a great gift for anyone who would like to paint but has not yet been able to do so. Such paint cases are offered with different colors, brushes and often also pens that can be used to try out different media.

Brush set

Good brushes are essential if you want to exploit your artistic potential. If the brushes lose hair too quickly or deform, you can be so talented. The result with bad brushes will never be 100% what their holder is actually capable of.

A mixture of different brush shapes and a combination of hair and bristle brushes is all you need. The set should also contain several sizes so that larger colored areas can be colored faster and smaller colored areas more precisely.

Good brushes don’t have to be expensive, as the LiSmile set proves.

A painting ground

Painting backgrounds are as diverse as the media that can be used to paint. For most applications, canvas and primer are still the best choices in painting.

If you’re dealing with someone who can’t get enough of painting, a canvas roll may be the best choice. This way, the recipient can always cover the stretcher themselves in order to save costs and produce unusual or particularly large formats.

If it can be a little more unusual, you can also give away a coated hardboard, which is more suitable for special textures. The Ampersand clapboards are a hit in America and are now also available in Germany.

Professional acrylic paints

Acrylic colors are quality-dependent. Anyone who has ever painted with high-quality acrylic paints knows what the difference to ordinary colors feels like. The pigmentation is much higher, the radiance better and the processing options more diverse.

Unfortunately, high-quality acrylic paints also have their price. A set consisting of several small paint tubes quickly costs between 50 and 100 euros. Nevertheless: Especially as a gift, they leave a good impression and enable some hobby artists to experiment with color qualities that they probably would not have done themselves.