Give Your Lonely Neighbors A Delightful Treat In This Pandemic By Creating An Amazing Mural

Being stuck inside your home due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be very draining. At first, this concept sounds desirable as you can spend the rest of your day lying in bed while watching your favorite movies and series on TV. However, as days gone by, you would notice that your everyday life becomes so repetitive and boring that you would start missing all those things that you used to do outdoors prior to this pandemic. Unfortunately, as the pandemic shows no signs of letting up in the coming weeks, or even months, we should be contented in staying indoors while we wait for the situation to get better.

The closest thing that you can do safely with the outside world is looking out in the window and admiring the view of the neighborhood. Then, you will catch a glimpse of your lonely neighbors feeling the same sadness and boredom that you feel as they also peek at the outside world through their own window.

If you got some mad skills in art, or painting to be exact, you have the power to brighten up the day of your neighbors. Using your color palette and paintbrush, you can offer them a marvelous treat by creating a stunning mural painting, which they can view from inside their houses!

The Magic Of Mural Painting For Your Community

A nice mural is a gift that you can give your community in these trying times. As people have nowhere else to go, they only have your community to look at. Instead of watching movies or going to art galleries, they can enjoy a beatiful scenery in the comfort of their own home.

But where did the concept of mural painting come from? “Mural” actually pertains to an artwork that is applied directly to a wall or ceiling. Our ancestors have actually started the practice of creating murals in their own communities, with some accounts dating way back tens of thousands of years ago. The first murals are thought to be created by the first men by drawing figures in the walls of the cave where they live in.

Anybody can start their own mural painting in an empty wall within the community. However, make sure that you have permission to do so. Just be respectful in your quest to share your art to the world, and in return, you will end up gaining auto instagram likes in just a short period of time!

Aside from making mural, you can make the most of your time inside your room by selling your artworks online. With this, you can both enjoy your artistic gifts while earning extra money.