Handling Your Painting With Care: Things to Know Before Cleaning It

The Cleaning of a Painting Must be Done Very Carefully

A painting is very fragile and can easily be damaged. The costs for cleaning a painting can quickly add up to a few thousand euros. Gebäudereinigung Aachen clean paintings with the help of laser techniques. This development is still ongoing.

Many people have a painting in the living room or in the attic. This can become contaminated over time and needs to be cleaned. A painting becomes the fastest in a room where people smoke a lot or where candles are burned, for example. The nicotine attaches itself to the paint and causes a layer. Other common pollution is dust that adheres to the painting over time. As a result, the painting can also easily change color. It then becomes yellow or grayer. Many paintings are also discolored by too much or incorrect lighting. Paintings easily discolor, especially with today’s fluorescent lights. This can be prevented by hanging a painting behind UV-resistant glass.

Costs For Cleaning a Painting

If you do not have the right knowledge, it is not wise to try to clean the painting yourself. It is a precise job and listens very closely. Moreover, a painting is very fragile. For example, you do not know how the paint reacts to certain types of cleaning products and you could easily shoot. There are several companies that specialize in cleaning paintings. The costs of cleaning can amount to a few thousand euros. This depends on the complexity and status of the painting. On average, a painting must be cleaned once every fifty years.

Painting Cleaning With a Laser

Work is also underway on techniques to clean the paintings using laser techniques. These would in theory be much better able to trace the dirt and to remove it in a careful manner. It can also analyze the paint and on that basis choose a certain cleaning technique. However, the technology is still in its infancy and the equipment that is available is not yet payable for most restorers.

Cleaning the Painting in the Wrong Way

There are several major mistakes that can be made when someone with insufficient knowledge is going to clean the painting. The paint can run out due to excessive use of water. If the water actually penetrates, the primer can come loose. Furthermore, the painting can become worn due to the excessive use of solvents.

Remove the Varnish From a Painting

The top layer of a painting is called the varnish. This is a layer that protects the rest of the painting. This attracts dust sooner. The big advantage is that the varnish is much easier to remove than the rest of the paint. The varnish is easier to remove with a cleaning agent. That makes cleaning a lot easier.

Cleaning the Back of the Painting

When cleaning a painting it is also important to thoroughly clean the back of the painting. Dust residues or, for example, a pine needle can easily collect between the panel and the cloth. When the painting hangs in a damp environment, it can easily mold.