How Lichtenberg Figures Are Created

Electricity is a type of energy where there is a movement or flow of electrons. Electricity, whether billig strøm or not, has become an essential element of nature and is now one of the most extensively and prevalently utilized form of energy worldwide. It is made from other energy sources that are converted such as natural gas, nuclear power, coal and other sources that are natural which are known as primary sources. Because of its usefulness, electricity is utilized in all spheres of study as well as in different trades and industries.

In the field of art, electricity is made use of to create a different kind of art known as the Lichtenberg figures. To the ordinary eyes, when an electrical flow of current strikes an insulator, it ceases. However, it actually frequently produces art that we can’t perceive. Recognized as Lichtenberg figures, these are patterns that are akin to frozen lightning, that become visible when discharge of electricity run up against an insulator.

The Lichtenberg Figures

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was performing some 18th century science in the late 1700s. He was zapping numerous things with electrical energy to observe if he could produce gold, create a monster similar to Frankenstein or perhaps uncover a new physics law. He was unsuccessful zapping resin covered plates and so he proceeded to zap other things. The room where he was working was full of dust. As he walked back to his dishes, they had accumulated a coating of grit. Marks that looked like frozen lightning bolt were present in that and so he conducted more experiment. It looked as if the electrical current left charges of positive and negative charge on areas on the surface, whilst not moving through the insulator. When he scattered drizzled powders that were positively or negatively charged on the plates, they latched onto pieces that were differently charged, forming elaborate figures. Delighted with his discovery, he documented about these peculiar figures, and discreetly gave these figures his own name.

How To Create Lichtenberg Figures

It’s quite easy to create your own Lichtenberg Figures. You’ll need to have a sheet of acrylic, a point or prong made out of metal such as a paper clip that is straightened or a compass point, and toner used in photocopy machines. If you have some type of generator, you can make use of it. If otherwise, you will require something to rub against, as well as a high pain tolerance.

Lay out the acrylic sheet. Hold up the metal piece with only the metal prong touching the acrylic sheet, after which you can start zapping. Just a quick zap from the generator will get the handiwork done. If you don’t have one, you’ll need something else to get you charged up. Once the sheet is zapped, its surface is now Lichtenberged. Since the charge is invisible to the eye, you’ll require a bit help from the photocopy toner to see outcomes. Softly blow the powder on the surface to see them clutch on to the various areas of the plate, resulting to wonderfully patterned figures. If you want to capture this beautiful figures, you can press a piece of paper onto the acrylic.