Inspired By Different Art Styles And Techniques

Whether you kjøpe briller på nett or go around shops looking for the glasses or spectacles, one thing that many consider when purchasing their glasses is that it should match their sense of fashion and style. Providentially, there are those who design eyewear frames for wearers to have that visual acuity that they need as well as the style that shows off their fashion preference.

Designing glasses or any eyewear is a form of art in itself, with the shape of the frames, the materials utilized, the choices of colors and the detailing, it isn’t a surprise that numerous eyewear are literally art works. There are designers that also make use of or were inspired by the different art techniques and style itself to design eyewear that would agree with one’s artistic taste or preference. Below are art techniques and styles that have inspired many people in the industry of fashion and design:

Abstract Expressionism

Popularized by Jackson Pollock, Abstract Expressionism is distinguished by brush-strokes that look as if they were applied spontaneously, such as arbitrarily throwing paint at a canvas.


Minimalism is almost the complete reverse of Abstract Expressionism. Actually, numerous art critics believe Minimalism was originated as a response to Abstract Expressionism since it strips down art to its fundamentals and essentials, just form.


If you have seen the lovely paintings by Monet which are inspired by flowers, you’re perhaps acquainted with Impressionism. The Impressionist style of art is distinguished by thin, tiny, brush strokes that highlight the shifting properties of light.


Pointillism is a method that make use of pure colors in tiny dots, wherein it blends in the eye of the viewer to create a unified and solid image. This technique was made famous by Georges Seurat in his work “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte.”

Art Deco

Designs that are inspired by Art Deco are bursting with bold colors and geometrical shapes, like Old Hollywood together with its glitziness and glamour. The Art Deco style could usually be seen in jewelry, architecture, and paintings.