Leveraging The Creative Process With Drawing Apps And Software

In 2015, according to a research of over 4,000 designers carried out by Subtraction.com in partnership with Khoi Vinh by Adobe, 64% of designers still have a preference for paper and pencil and to start the process of creative brainstorming. This, however, isn’t surprising and expected since paper is nearly always available and provides simplicity. Additionally, pencil on paper has traditionally been the tools and medium every budding and promising artists are taught and trained from the start. Furthermore, it is easier for them to whip up naturally and freely whip up creative ideas.

Regardless of the result of the study, companies like https://www.wavemaker.com/cross-platform-mobile-development/, carry on to create mobile tech such as mobile apps to improve and enrich performance as well as boost speed even on the move. Today, most artists and other creatives go on investing in digital mobile tech like drawing mobile apps to  leverage their efficiency, productivity as well as their creativity. Let’s have a look at two reasons why artists and creatives should consider mobile apps:

Access to Art Toolkits Wherever

Inspiration could hit you wherever and whenever, not just when you are facing a the canvas or computer, or holding a pencil on your hand. In actuality, a Harvard research in 2012 discovered that distraction is in fact a major and fundamental element for creativity, meaning there is a big probability that inspiration and creative ideas come to mind when you aren’t in your art studio or workspace.

With mobile apps and services, regardless of where you are, you will have access to these toolkits to convert these raw inspiration and ideas to usable and workable assets, like brushes, vector shapes, color themes, and pattern. Such apps allows creatives to immediately encapsulate their creative inspiration no matter they are.

Stop Repetition of Work

Though most individuals draw doodles because of boredom, designers and other artists create sketches as this is the initial stage in their artistic process. Making a sketch on paper easy and free-flowing, however the challenge is to swiftly convert it to usable work, transferring or recreating paper-sketched ideas to digital versions of it. With drawing apps, you could digitally sketch your mock-up and turn that into a usable file. There are apps that imitate the process of sketching on paper saving time as it do away with the need to repeat your work on your desktop.

As an avenue for ideation, creation and publication, paper will certainly not be outmoded, however  digitally commencing the creative process will come into view as a progressively faster way to encapsulate ideas, iterate as well as convert inspiration and ideas into designs that are ready for production.