Museum of Modern Art Chairman, Potentially in Deep Water for Close Ties with Jeffrey Epstein

Billionaire Leon Black, the newly elected chairman of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) may find himself in deep water, rising from his close association with convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Although the latter committed suicide while incarcerated in a Manhattan jail, investigation of matters and persons related to Epstein are still active.

In the world of charities, universities, museums and art galleries that received millions of toxic donations from Jeffrey Epstein, the institutions face indignant reactions over decisions to accept money regarded as dirty. Museum and gallery staff including artists, as well as faculty members and students of universities, question the morality behind decisions to accept money gained from immoral activities and/or transactions.

As far as MoMA Chairman Leon Black is concerned, the scrutiny over his close ties with Epstein is his motive behind making Epstein the only non-family director of the Black Family Foundation even after the latter’s conviction in 2008.

The NY Post revealed that the foundation’s IRS tax filings and tax documents submitted to the New York Attorney General’s office between 2008 and 2012, still included Epstein as one of three directors of the foundation. The only two other directors are Leon Blackwell and his wife.

During Epstein’s years of tenure, the Black Family Foundation had donated millions of dollars to the Museum of Modern Arts. It is widely believed that after Epstein served his 13-month sentence and registering as a sex offender, Epstein tried to repair his reputation by donating millions to university science projects and by flooding the Internet with press releases about his charitable contributions.

What Could Draw the NY Attorney General’s Attention to Epstein’s Ties with Leon Black

The Black Family Foundation claimed that Epstein’s inclusion as Director in their tax documents was purely oversight. However, experts claim that it is something that the AG Charities Bureau would look into since it involved oversight for several years, which is no longer regarded as normal. An unnamed former prosecutor of the NY AG office believes that somewhere, there is a breakdown in the process.

Moreover, all documents were signed and certified by Leon Black and his wife under penalties of perjury. A condition that makes the matter questionable as far as motive, and extent of other false documents that the Black Family Foundation may have submitted.

The NY Post also mentioned that a source close to the MoMA said the board of directors does not want to get involved in controversies. That being the case, the board may decide to conduct their own examination of the lapses connected to the MoMA Chairman’s signing of multi-year errors that named Jeffrey Epstein as director of the Black Family Foundation. That is considering that only Leon Black and his wife are the only constituted directors of the foundation.