Prof. Seracini’s “Lost Leonardo” Report Debunked by Art Historians

In a recently held roundtable event at the Uffizi Gallery, art historians presented findings debunking Prof.Maurizio Seracini’s “The Lost Leonardo” report. Giancula Belli, Emanuela Ferreti, Roberta Barsanti, and Cecilia Frosinini all certified that the painting is not behind one of Vasari’s fresco in Palazzo Vecchio.

For years, academes have been trying to find Da Vinci’s lost masterpiece “The Battle of Anghiari,” but to no avail. While not a few experts have been saying that the search for this lost painting will never be complete, the aforementioned art historians who conducted their own research concluded that the work doesn’t exist and that Leonardo never painted it at all.

Art Historians Detail Proofs that the “The Battle of Anghiari” Does Not Exist

During the Uffizi event, the four (4) historians at the Uffizi roundtable event claimed that the traces of pigment found by Seracini beneath a wall of Palazzo Vecchio, merely suggest that something was once there.

However, they are still questionable as proofs of Da Vinci’s missing masterpiece. Frosinini explained that black pigments were extensively used during that particular period, which makes it impossible to prove that the pigments discovered by Seracini were from the “Lost Leonardo”.

In fact, a 2019 publication released by well-known art researcher Mauro Matteini, carries a similar statement

“The pigments did not actually form part of a painting but instead, part of the wall.

The Uffizi roundtable participants all agreed that since the painting was supposed to have been prepared with oil and gesso, it would have prevented Da Vinci from creating the image because basically, the paint was unlikely to hold.

Francesca Fiorani explained further that what Seracini found was just a preparation for the wall, as what painters normally do when painting a wall mural. It was more of a possibility that after seeing that the preparation process was unsuccessful, Leonardo had decided not to paint on it all.

That is why the historians at Uffizi event are certain that the “The Battle of Anghiari” only exists as one of Leonardo Da Vinci many models, similar to the models made by other artists like Gérard Edelinck and Peter Paul Ruben.