Reverse Harem Book Review: Daisy Daniel’s “Heiress”

If you are not yet a fan of reverse harem books (RHBs), but want to know if these romance novels could pique your interest, I suggest you start reading the free ones. You will be surprised to discover that Amazon is offering some of the best reverse harem books free, by installing the free Kindle app that comes along with the offer.

Just a foreword though, when reading a reverse harem novel. Keep in mind that this type of literature basically revolves around relationships between the main character and two or three other persons belonging to the opposite sex. That is a constant element that distinguishes RHBs from traditional romantic novels where only one extra character exists to complicate the romance connecting the featured couple.

Origins of Reverse Harem Books

Reverse harem romance takes origins from storylines of Japanese manga animes categorized as harumumono, which means polygamous relationships. It features emotional and physical entanglements between more than two people, as either the girl or the boy is receiving attention from other male or female admirers.

Do not be bothered as well, if you will encounter a lot of hot, steamy sexy scenes, because such characteristic is still in keeping with Japanese reverse harem animes. After all, each edition is designed to attract young and not so young male readers, between ages 18 to 34 years old.

Review of “Heiress” by Daisy Daniels

“Heiress” is one of the goodreads you can download free of charge via Kindle Unlimited edition. As far as RHB reading is concerned it has all the elements one can expect for this type of reading. It has good beginnings, which Daniels developed into a set of narrative chapters that flowed well in reasonable lengths. Her presentation of the problems faced by the mer-people makes a good point for conflict that the characters must resolve. Her descriptions of emotions are well written, enough to get a reader interested on how events will turn out.

The narratives tend to fill with steamy encounters of the sexual kind, which others may find as too frequent for a princess who is supposed to have other problems to worry about. Although some may find Daphne’s reasons wanting in logic, Daniels tried her best to provide convincing explanations. Nonetheless, the pacing is good as the plot keeps on working toward a single direction, and before you know it, everything starts falling into place.

Daphne, the main character, is a mermaid princess who stands to become the next ruler of a deep sea kingdom somewhere in the depths of a vast ocean. She is heiress to a realm, which unfortunately is beset by a thousand-years curse that makes it necessary for her to conceive a child in order to keep everything in balance.

Engaged to be married to a prince named Castor, with whom she easily fell in love, the issue about conceiving a child did not seem to present any problem. Except that by some unexpected turn of events, Castor went missing, which gave rise to the participation of two other princes who will complicate matters for Daphne.

The mermaid princess is caught in situations in which she feels strong physical attraction for all 3 princes, which probably is all part of the mysterious curse. At this point, it is best to not to mention any more details, lest this review ends with some spoilers.