Sex as a Form of Art

Each and every one of us has unique desires and fantasy when it comes to sex. While it is uncomfortable for some to talk about this topic, it’s a natural thing. So at the moment, are you enjoying your sex life or is there something that’s missing that you wanted to fill the gap with? Regardless how wonderful it is, there’s more to meet.

Believe it or not, sex isn’t just about reaching orgasm or pleasing your partner. There is an art involved to it. A lot of people do think that there’s a natural male supplement, position or potion to attain exciting sex life. Seems that everyone is looking for a quick fix which will somewhat transform their typical and “boredom” routine to a thrilling and exciting one.

If you’re willing to allot time and effort too in your sex life, then that is the time when you could catapult it to a high form of art which has great potential of surpassing your wildest imagination. Much like other aspects of life, sex is molded by our techniques and intentions. So in case that you approach it is just to have fun, then the entire experience between you and your partner will lean to be more superficial than being heart centered.

On the other hand, try combining it with spirituality, you’ll be surprised with the new erotic doors you could open.

Though it is easier said than done, there are actually techniques that you can apply in bringing your sex life to a whole new level.

Perfecting Your Touch

As you freely let your hands and fingertips to find their pleasure points, your touch will instantly create pleasure towards the person you’re touching. Shifting your focus from how you’re touching and how you are imagining your partner feels rather than focusing on the joy of touching just to fire up your senses elevates the whole experience.

Master Your Breath

Sex, aside from being a form of art is also an alternative approach to exercising. This is why everyone who engages in this activity breathes more often and deeper. Unfortunately, most learned to hold our breath when reaching orgasm. For others, holding their breath is a smart way of avoiding noise and being caught masturbating or having sex on younger stages.

It takes practice to forget this habit but, it is vital to let yourself breathe naturally while having orgasm. This is if you want to really amp up your sexual experience and pleasure.