Steps In Creating An eSports Logo

A logo represents branding as it shows uniqueness and also helps your character to be known. In the world of online gaming and eSports, the logo is also an important feature because it also helps in improving your game aside from using zaros boosting. However, when we talked about the logo of different games and characters, it seems that its creation needs more effort, designing tools, talent and skills, as well as budget to push it through.


Moreover, due to these logos, there are online art games that you will truly enjoy. But here’s the good news, in this article, we will show you creative ways of making your eSports logo. You do not need to have talent in designing in doing this. Just ensure that the following steps must be followed to create an innovative avatar ready for winning.


Making eSports Logo


Get your pen and paper ready, and check out these ways of logo making.


Give a Brand Name


A brand name is an identification of a product. In addition to this, the brand name also guides your avatar to get known by other players and game participants.


Make an Avatar


In making an esports logo, there are generally two options available. One is to search and hire a designer as an avatar creator. The second one is to use a logo maker.

There are lots of logo making tools available over the web that can easily create logo with just a minute.


Select Template


Generally, various templates offer different styles that suit your character. Here is a list of some popular templates that you may consider.

  • Anime
  • Animated Style
  • Car Racing
  • Cartoons
  • Counter-Strike
  • DoTA
  • Emblem
  • Fantasy
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends

  • Mafia
  • Mascot
  • Mobile Legends
  • PUBG
  • Ragnarok
  • Human Characters


Custom-make the Logo


In personalizing or customizing your own logo, better to try different combinations of colors. To give emphasis on your avatar give it a touch of base color, accent color, and a background color.


Begin to Stream


After giving colors to your avatar, it’s time to actually give it to life. Knowing this, begin to stream and join a team. You can also look for sponsors in case you want to play solo.