The Art of Bed Making

Making a bed is an art.

We can transform our bed into something that will magnetize people. A beautiful bed is attracting. It worth transforming our beds into our rest havens. This is where we spend almost 1/3 of our lives and it deserves our special attention. Having a beautiful and cozy bed can contribute to a restful sleep. Having a restful sleep contributes to our well-being.
Our room’s appeal depends so much on the bedding. It has a magical effect when it’s arranged beautifully. Lets transform our bed to a work of art.
Beds are a must have in every home. It is an investment. A bed is incomplete without a mattress, pillows, bed base, comforters or blankets. These are elements needed in making an excellent bed. investing in adjustable beds are also worth it. click on this link to know about the benefits of investing in an adjustable bed:

How to Master the Art of Making Your Bed | Spoonflower

Picking the right pillows and pillowcases is vital. The pillow case should match the color of the room and beddings. Plain colored pillowcases are highly recommended. They can easily match with the color of the room. Add throw pillows on top of the pillows. They come in different forms and sizes. Pick a color that would match the other elements.
Throw pillows make your bed extra cozy.
Fitted bedsheets are also recommended. They go on top of the mattress as a cover. Fitted bedsheets with elastic garters would perfectly fit the bed. It’s used to protect the mattress.
Regular bedsheets go after the fitted bedsheet. Choose a bedsheet that is longer than the bed so you can tuck its edges under the mattress. This keeps them in place. To properly tuck your bedsheet fold the corners then fit it underneath the mattress.
A blanket or comforter of your choice is laid over the bedsheet. Get a blanket or comforter that will make you feel comfortable. blanket or comforter depending on the climate where you stay. A comforter is not needed during hot days. Make sure that the blankets and comforters matches the pillow. This will have a harmonious effect in the room.
A plaid is also needed to making your bed look beautiful. It ends up attractive when placed in a bed. It also adds comfort and warmth.