The Art Of Having A Genuine Connection With Others

With our technology today, such as the voip phone system, we are able to connect with other people effortlessly and conveniently. In our day by day environs, whether in our neighborhood, workplace, schools, or recreational areas, we definitely meet and get to know plenty of people since we all coexist. Yet, we are capable of deeply connecting with only some. Connecting or having a connection with another person or persons is confirmed by studies to be great for our moods, as well as for our physical health. What does “connecting” truly mean and how significant is it really?

Connecting With People

Having a real connection with people isn’t merely about conversing with others or having to share interests. We could chat with people for hours regarding politics, sports, or hobbies even if we clandestinely can’t tolerate them.

Having a true and profound connection could come about even without using words and could even be with someone we are not acquainted to or don’t know.

On the contrary, frequent contact or communication with someone, like working with somebody on a daily basis, is no assurance of genuine connection. Having a connection with another person is having a mutual a sense of openness and availability towards the person. Other elements of having a human connection are compassion and empathy, wherein we feel a sense of goodwill or benevolence to the individual we have a connection or are connecting with.

How Connection Is Felt

Being In the Moment. Having a connection with others that’s genuine, the past nor the future doesn’t seem to worry us. Rather, a full attention on present moment as well as the shared experiences in the present that we are having with the person or persons is what matters more.

There is Openness, Empathy and Kindness. It feels good to have a connection with others. This, still, isn’t at all times true. Sincere trust with someone to be able to disclose a sad or upsetting experience could be a very powerful way of connecting with somebody as well.

Anger, irritation or unkindness shuts us down to having a genuine connection, as does criticism and bad judgment. Having a human connection is generally with kindness and compassion. We may feel connected with others by joking around or laughing about something. Nonetheless, after that there is an empty feeling, which indicates the absence of a real connection.