The Art of Lighting in Interior Design

Professional interior designers are using various tools available when planning interior designs.  However, there’s one tool that’s usually overlooked because people do not recognize the possibilities it can do to enhance space. This particular tool is the use of light and lighting fixtures such as industrial pendant lights. It simply has the ability to make or break indoor designs.

Lighting could very well transform a space into a home and help make the owner’s individuality stand out. With no decent lighting, the effect of other design details like luxurious furniture, rich floors, and luxurious wall covers disappears. Lighting a natural element of art. So it is essential that we choose the right lighting so that we get the most out of our homes.

Let’s find out how good lumination can change our homes. We asked the experts to give us some on the use of lighting in interior design

The sharpness of sunlight in nature depends on where you live, but it is difficult to replicate. For instance, the intensity and quality of light in the North Pole on a good day as well as the lighting effects of nature on the South Ocean is truly amazing. In temperate climates like the  United Kingdom, the weather makes an impact on how much natural light we receive. Quite often, natural light is gloomy, flat, and gray.

Artificial lighting is available in all colors and strengths. It is easier to replicate natural light as the development of current lighting technology progresses rapidly. However, artificial light has distinctive characteristics and plays a different role in our environment.

The demand for power efficiency is what drives are homes in collecting natural light. For instance, the use of glass in home dwellings has increased significantly. Therefore, artificial light can be used more carefully.

What are the key components to take into account when planning lighting designs for residential interiors?

You can get better lighting if you can see more detail before starting the lighting system. High-quality, energy-efficient lighting, like LEDs that you really want to use at home can be very costly compared to the regular fluorescent lighting. When you are on a tight budget, you will want to use it only from time to time or when needed. The more ideas lighting designers have about deadlines, furniture layouts, furniture details, and how a house will flow, it is essential to keep the lighting as good as possible. I use a room with good lighting. The room that burned so hard was left very early!

Are there various lighting types that actually perfect for a particular room?

Great lighting effects can set the tone and atmosphere of a room. The main point is to know the purpose of the room and to verify that the lighting is working. For instance, a washing room or utility room is provided with a glare-free compact fluorescent lighting effect, but care should be taken in the investigation. An open living room/dining room/kitchen should have multiple lighting circuits (eg LED spot and floor washers, LED supply under-lights, mains lamps, etc.).

Use lighting to accentuate your kitchen