The Latest Google Ads Creation Tools

Together with the advancement of technology, Google is consistently providing tools for ads creation. These tools are applicable to create most Google ads even the Google Ads automation for e-commerce. Providing these tools successfully, Google has achieved its goal in catering the most advanced tools for ads.

Newest Google Ads Tools

Below is the three of the latest platforms for ads being introducing by Google.

Swirl 3D

Swirl is a platform having three-dimensional aspects to showcase advertising over the web. It educates consumers prior to their purchasing activity. As 3D arts are on the rise, brands having 3D assets can able to create ads directly to their units that are available via the Google’s Display and Video 360 file format.

Swirl 3D ad format assists brands to cater better interaction and experience.

Through this ads, products can be tested through various ways and can be scrutinized prior to purchasing. Swirl is accessible via limited beta. However, for more concise information about this ad, you can visit the Google account manager.

AR Immersive

Utilizing YouTube, Google introduced an immersive kind of ad tool via the AR technology. This caters probability to put on make-up virtually in times of watching contents of similar topics. The new platform on YouTube is known as the “Beauty Try-On” which allows the viewers to browse on similar looks as they follow YouTube developers.

Moreover, because of the AR technology, this tool provides factual samples of virtual products. The product categories run on a full spectrum of skin tones. Additionally, what’s exciting about it is that Beauty Try-On incorporates this virtual app directly on YouTube content. And due to the success and fame of tutorial videos for make-up application, this signifies that it is somehow valuable to be added by marketers in the industry.

Live Stream Display

This tools for ads creation also makes use of the YouTube platform. Through this, live-stream developers can expand their content. Becuase of running the YouTube live stream content along with the display ads, enlarging the content would never be difficult. This new format of live streaming can run through display ads beyond screens of various devices. And through the basic YouTube player controls, viewers can have the chances to interact with the video.