The Need for Independent Artists to Harness Digital Selling Strategies .

Economies have opened up for businesses but the post-lockdown outlook for many retailers and shop owners, including art studios, is that customers will continue to buy online. That is why independent artists have to raise their awareness that they now need to harness digital selling strategies that go beyond promoting their art collections in social media sites.

While most artists maintain a website in which to showcase their artwork as a means to open up opportunities for selling, many have little time and money to devote, in ramping up their online selling skills and capabilities.Not of few of them simply rely on “hope marketing” after putting up their art wares in digital art markets. In the meantime, the most that they can do is to “hope” that some of their followers will eventually decide to buy their art work.

Understanding the Need to Use Digital Technologies in the e-Commerce World

-Today’s reality is that e-commerce has taken over as the new business norm. Yet many are still learning the ropes; not only on how to do business online but also on how to compete with those who were ahead in establishing their Internet presence.

Nonetheless, the wonderful thing about selling via the Internet is that there are software providers that offer a so-called sales or a marketing funnel. Online venturers can use them as a more efficient approach to selling and/or marketing products online.

Well since money could be an issue, the next best thing that one should know is that many of these funnel software providers offer free trials.

What is a a Sales or Marketing Funnel System?

Think of a sales and marketing funnel as a virtual sales personnel who storekeeps for a business, 24/7 and through 365 days in a year. That virtual store keeper will also do some marketing on the side by creating a landing page to let browsing consumers have a snapshot of what the online store is selling. The system will also carry out social media campaigns as well as send email messages to notify consumers about forthcoming sale events, new product arrivals and not-to-miss promo discounts. As a funnel system, all these will be done strategically.

The overall objective is not just to maintain a portal for customers to shop for products but also to curate customers from the earliest stage of the portal’s funnel opening. The system will then gradually push a particular online business toward and in front of customers who have the likeliest potential to become buyers; whilst continuing to narrow down the selling space to where only relevant consumers browse.

They will be the ones who will make up the base segment of a funnel for that particular online business. The marketing strategy and promotional tools will then be directed only to customers with the highest potential for sales conversion.

However, there are numerous providers of funnel software on the Internet, which makes choosing the right one, the first step for artists to hurdle. While reading reviews is one way to go about it, some do not trust reviews at all.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to be wary of reviews that contain mostly advertising hype about how awesome and terrific the provider is,.without really going into details what makes their software effective.

Look for an Unbiased Review that tells of user-experience and actual feedback not only about the technology, but also of the service being provided as support from the very start. In fact one proof that a reviewer is truly satisfied is when he or she decides to use the premium tools and services offered by the provider, by transitioning from free user to becoming a paid subscriber.