Using Instagram as a Platform to Sell Your Artwork

How do you think some artists are turning their Instagram feed or story as another source of revenue? Could it be by using buy Instagram followers strategy? To turn your page into a money making machine, you ought to know that it will all come down to the number of engaged followers you have. Here’s the thing, the more popular an account is, the more the demand the art is sold there will be.

To start with this, there are few things that needed to be settled, which will eventually improve your Instagram account and attract more followers in the process.

Posting High Quality Images

You would not dream of letting that artwork out of your studio until such time that you are satisfied with it for sure. In Instagram, you have to apply the same level of attention too. Your account will serve as an extension of who you are as a person and as an artist. Posting images that are poorly-lit and blurry can create a negative vibe and could create a message that you do not know what you are doing.

As for those who would see it, think if you were in their shoes. Would you consider buying an artwork from such page? If no, then you should be alarmed with what you are doing.

How about Branding?

Branding might be a vague concept. However, it is all about posting images regarding different things but, using similar style both in writing and aesthetics in every image uploaded. You may be wondering why you should be bothered by this? Honestly, followers can have better understanding of what the piece is about and who you are as an artist by simply seeing the image and reading the captions on it.

As far as your branding goes, there are literally endless possibilities. Whether you’re using specific filters, language or hashtag, find a style that you would stick on; something that is representing you as well as your work. This is going to help in targeting your audience who are more likely to buy.

Nothing will be easy at first but with diligence and perseverance, you’ll soon find the right formula.